Professional 1800 W electric grill


VAT included

1800 W electric grill, perfect for meat, sandwiches and grill products in general. The perfect complement for your cart.

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Any type of grilled food will be always tasty done in this grill, cooked in a fast way. Offer your clients a juicy piece of meat, vegetables and crunchy sandwiches. This grill is very versatile, becoming your cart a world full of possibilities, in relation to products and services.

The grill is made of melted iron and its plain surface is enamel, homogenously distributing heat, up and down, avoiding sticking.

It has a 1.800 W resistance and the possibility of adjusting temperature with a rotary control between 30 and 300º, keeping always the desired temperature thanks to its thermostat.

It has a useful surface of 23,50 x 22,50 cm. as well as a waste containing tray such as oils and extra fat from the cooking process.

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