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The lacquered red stainless steel popcorn machine, has a production rate of 5 kg per hour in 2 minutes cycle. It has a power of 1350w to 220w and the dimensions are 95x18,89x156 inches, and it includes a glass door. It can be placed over any surface.

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Our popcorn machine is the perfect tool to turn on the parties and events for people of all ages: weddings (suppers), private birthday parties, communions and much more.

The tank where popcorn is made has the following dimensions: 22,04 inches wide, 14,17 inches length and 29,92 inches height.

The popcorn machine performance is about 5Kg/h. The lateral shelf facilitates the packaging and removal of popcorn. Under the machine there is a container in which you can place the popcorn. The removable pot made of aluminum has a diameter of 7,2 inches. The teflon coating avoid the popcorn to be burnt. Besides, you can clean it easily and use it again in a moment.

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