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popcorn cart

Popcorn cart for events and celebrations, who doesn't like to eat popcorn? With this cart you will get a sure success at your events, it produces up to 5 kg of popcorn every hour, ideal for all kinds of events, birthdays, communions, weddings , family gatherings, make evenings more enjoyable with the popcorn cart. Buy now the cheap popcorn cart.

Popcorn machine Popcorn machine 2

Popcorn machine

PROFESSIONAL POPCORN MACHINE Make your celebrations and events more entertaining with the tabletop popcorn machine, made of stainless steel and lacquered in a bright red color, it has a production capacity of 5 kg/hour of popcorn (in 2-minute cycles). It is perfect for candy carts and combining it with other sweet foods, this machine is ideal for small...
Professional Popcorn Cart Professional Popcorn Cart 2
popcorn cart

Professional Popcorn Cart

PROFESSIONAL POPCORN CART Invigorate your celebrations with the professional popcorn machine, made mostly of stainless steel. Painted with bright red lacquer, it has a production capacity of up to 5 kg/hour of popcorn (2-minute cycles). With 1600 Watt and 220 W power, it is capable of heating in a short time, the complete cart has dimensions of...
popcorn cart

Popcorn Machine Cart

Special cart for popcorn machine With this cart you can comfortably move your popcorn machine, made of red lacquered steel, anti-puncture hard rubber wheels, it has a space to store the products necessary for making popcorn, side support tray and full-width handle of the cart.
popcorn cart

Popcorn Machine with Black Cart

Black professional portable popcorn machine with cart The black popcorn machine with car is the perfect machine for making popcorn at events and celebrations . This professional portable machine has a striking design, with typical American car stickers and one with a light bulb inside that it provides light and heat, it is ideal for parties, outdoor...