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PROFESSIONAL ELECTRIC PLATE IDEAL FOR FOOD TROLLEYS With this accessory you can prepare tasty grilled food from your hamburger cart , with this grill, you can offer a varied menu of grilled meats or vegetables. The surface is covered with a non-stick coating that prevents food from sticking.

Professional deep fryer plus

COMPLEMENT YOUR HOT DOG OR BURGER CART WITH A PROFESSIONAL FRYER With the professional stainless steel fryer you can complement fast food carts, giving the possibility of adding new foods to the menu, such as tasty French fries or tempura vegetables, fritters or any other food that allows us to combine with our main dish. , the capacity of the bucket is...

Popcorn machine

PROFESSIONAL POPCORN MACHINE Make your celebrations and events more entertaining with the tabletop popcorn machine, made of stainless steel and lacquered in a bright red color, it has a production capacity of 5 kg/hour of popcorn (in 2-minute cycles). It is perfect for candy carts and combining it with other sweet foods, this machine is ideal for small...
PROFESSIONAL WAFFLE MAKING MACHINE Make delicious waffles with the professional 2000 W electric waffle maker . An ideal machine to complete sweet food carts or pancake carts . The professional waffle maker is fast heating and made of enameled cast iron plate. It has a double mold to make two waffles at the same time, tasty 2.5 mm thick waffles, it...
80L ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR WITH BLACK GLASS DOOR. This refrigerator is the ideal complement for beverage trolleys , its size and capacity allows us to cool a large number of soft drinks. 3 levels of charge through the trays with stainless steel grids, its energy efficiency is rated A+/E. A low noise level of 41dB. Its temperature range is between 3ºC and...
PROFESSIONAL CONTACT GRILL With the compact professional grill you will have the perfect complement for the hamburger cart with its 2,200 watt power, this griddle is capable of preparing meats, vegetables and sandwiches quickly.
MAGNETIC LED BAR FOR TROLLEYS LED ceiling light: 60cm long led warm light. With Kit for mounting on the trolley awning. With the LED bar you can perfectly illuminate the work area in your cart. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! , Due to the manufacturer's stock and price variations, the model of the led screen may vary from the original photo.
SPECIAL MAGNETIC LOGOS FOR THE LABELING OF TROLLEYS FOR EVENTS With the magnetized logos we can reuse the same food cart for different gastronomic services, expanding the possibility of business, these logos are easy to remove and put on thanks to the magnetized layer that facilitates adhesion to the front of the cart. Choose the logo or logos of your...
Special Carts

Transport cage for carts

SPECIAL CAGE FOR CARRIAGE TRANSPORTATION Protect your food cart or promotional cart on the go with the custom transport cage. This black lacquered steel structure with a white plywood chipboard base protects the integrity of the cart on all its journeys. It incorporates a folding ramp to facilitate the entry and exit of the car. Being a...
ELECTRIC BAIN-MARIE TO EMBEDD IN TROLLEYS FOR EVENTS The bain-marie is a complement that is attached to food carts , mainly it is more common to integrate it into HotDog carts. It contains three gastronomic buckets with lids of 3.8 L. capacity, each bucket has a temperature regulator that oscillates between 65º to 95º.
NON-STICK ELECTRIC PLATE Professional non-stick electric griddle to prepare hamburgers, grilled meats, and vegetables. The perfect complement to convert your cart for events into a mixed one that allows you to offer a greater variety of food. Product with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.
ELECTRIC CREPE MAKER FOR CART FOR CREPE For our crepe carts, we incorporate the 30 cm electric crepe that fits into the cart counter. It has an on and off button on the front with a temperature indicator, thanks to its 30 cm ø diameter, it gives us great versatility to cook different sizes of crepes, this crepe maker comes with integrated accessories,...
STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINERS ADAPTABLE TO FOOD TROLLEYS Gastronomic trays for food, made of stainless steel, highly resistant to high temperatures and to the friction of elements and tools. Available in several sizes, for a better adaptation according to the product for sale in the food cart, this product is very commonly used for ice cream carts ....
INTERNAL STRUCTURE FOR ICE CREAM CARTS Do you want to have all your products well organized in your ice cream cart ? With our internal structure specially designed for the frozen chest, you can have all your products well organized. The main advantage is that you can have the product that is sold in bulk on hand and take advantage of the fund for...
SPECIAL SIZE 26" WHEEL FOR VITANGE WOODEN CARTS Classic type camera wheel with rod brakes, special 26" size ideal for vintage style wooden carts, used mainly for promotions, with this type of wheel the cart is more elegant and with a classic air.
SPECIAL FOLDING TABLE FOR TROLLEYS With the folding table, we can considerably increase the space of our cart towards the sides, ideal for placing other items that are necessary for the business, with the table open, we increase a space of 65 cm more per side in the case of installing on both sides of the cart, supports a maximum weight of 40kg. per...

20" bike wheel

20" BIKE WHEEL FOR STROLLERS 20" classic style wheel ideal for mounting on food or promotional carts, chrome-colored steel rim with 28 spokes that gives it greater resistance, the hubs are closed with a thread and nut, it is not compatible to install a pin or a quick close. It is sold with a black rim and tire with grip studs on its profile. This wheel...
12" PNEUMATIC WHEEL FOR ESSENTIAL AND BASIC EVENT TROLLEYS Replacement 12" pneumatic wheel for food or promotional carts , it is a flexible tire with good cushioning, good resistance to shocks.
SPINNING WHEEL FOR FOOD AND PROMOTIONAL TROLLEYS In the manufacture of carts for events , it is essential to put wheels on them and one of the most common are the swivel wheels, with these wheels the cart can turn in the desired direction.
AWNING FOR CART STRUCTURE To give an elegant and distinguished finish to our trolleys, the awning is essential, all our trolleys for events can be assembled with their awning, between a waved awning or a straight awning, our clothing department can manufacture in different colors, either in the colors standard or customized using a plain color chart....
CHEST FREEZER TWO DOORS WITH LOCK Horizontal freezer with special glass sliding doors for ice cream carts, high energy efficiency, minimizing thermal losses to the outside, high pressure injected polyurethane insulation. Ice cream carts with the NLFG-295 chest freezer including lock and thermostat.

38L Mini Refrigerator.

38 L MINI REFRIGERATOR FOR BEVERAGE AND JUICE TROLLEYS This 38 L. capacity refrigerator, with reversible door that allows you to choose the opening side, temperature range between 5ºC - 12ºC, depending on ambient temperature. This refrigerator is a long-lasting product that is easy to maintain and clean, with a refrigerant-free cooling system that...