extras para añadirle a tu carrito


Professional non-stick electrical grill to make burgers, grilled meat and vegetables. It is the perfect supplement to become your hot dog cart into a mixed one, including burgers.
Professional 4-liter stainless steel fryer with 2.2 kW of power. Perfect to offer other products in your cart such as chips, donuts, etc. ... Measurements: 200 x 400 x 280 m Weight: 3.3 kg
The lacquered red stainless steel popcorn machine, has a production rate of 5 kg per hour in 2 minutes cycle. It has a power of 1350w to 220w and the dimensions are 95x18,89x156 inches, and it includes a glass door. It can be placed over any surface.
2000 W. professional electrical waffle maker. Professional waffle machine heats fast and it is a enameled melted iron plate. Capacity for two waffles, a stable temperature and very easy to be cleaned.
88 liters electric fridge. This fridge is the ideal component for keeping drinks cold. Get the most out of your cart selling extra products.
1800 W electric grill, perfect for meat, sandwiches and grill products in general. The perfect complement for your cart.


Led lighting for the ceiling: 60 cm length warm lighting. With a kit to assemble it in the awning of the cart.
Magnetized logo to stick in the frontal area of your cart, so it is possible to change the image and give different uses for the same cart .


Metallic structure cage to transport carts with ramp.


Removable structure made of lacquered steel, easy to be assembled and moved.


Stainless steel sink with built-in mixer tap made of the same material.
Custom-made structure for a freezer cabinet with steel enamel 10 buckets (5 big and 5 small ones) Measures 86,5 cm (length) 49 cm. (wide)
BEVERAGE DISPENSER IN GLASS JAR Serve drinks from your cart with the glass bottle with a transparent dispenser with a metal screw cap and a PVC filter, you can give an extra service in your cart for events. The filling hole has a wide mouth that facilitates the introduction of ice and fruit to give better flavor or temperature to the drinks served....
SPECIAL SIZE 26" WHEEL FOR VITANGE WOODEN CARTS Classic type camera wheel with rod brakes, special 26" size ideal for vintage style wooden carts, used mainly for promotions, with this type of wheel the cart is more elegant and with a classic air.