Special Carts

Special Carts

If you want a cart that is out of the ordinary, this is the category you were looking for. Find trolleys of special configuration and design.

popcorn cart

Professional Popcorn Cart

PROFESSIONAL POPCORN CART Invigorate your celebrations with the professional popcorn machine, made mostly of stainless steel. Painted with bright red lacquer, it has a production capacity of up to 5 kg/hour of popcorn (2-minute cycles). With 1600 Watt and 220 W power, it is capable of heating in a short time, the complete cart has dimensions of...
Cotton Candy Cart


Cotton candy machine with cart and a tough methacrylate dome. Pink lacquered stainless steel cotton candy machine, with the following dimensions: 98 x 54 x 125 cm. It has a stainless steel tank of 52 cm diameter to make cotton candy up to 30 cm diameter.

Isothermal Trolley

SPECIAL ISOTHERMAL CART FOR PRODUCTS THAT NEED REFRIGERATION Were you looking for a cart that could transport a large number of drinks or products that need refrigeration and that can be kept for a long period of time? With our ISOTHERMAL CART you will have this function without problems, you will be able to distribute and distribute cold products,...
ESSENTIAL VINTAGE STYLE WOODEN CART The handmade wooden cart is the most special and the most versatile. It is designed for multiple uses, especially for events such as a candy bar, a display of wedding gifts, baptisms, communions, birthdays, a lemonade cart... And everything you can think of! An elegant vintage-style cart at a very affordable price....
SPECIAL TROLLEY WITH TAP AND SINK Special cart with sink and faucet included. With our cart with sink you can put any type of food product on sale. Ideal for street vending or to liven up any event such as weddings, communions or birthday parties. This cart has everything you need for food preparation and storage. It is easy to transport, original and...
Special Carts

Transport cage for carts

SPECIAL CAGE FOR CARRIAGE TRANSPORTATION Protect your food cart or promotional cart on the go with the custom transport cage. This black lacquered steel structure with a white plywood chipboard base protects the integrity of the cart on all its journeys. It incorporates a folding ramp to facilitate the entry and exit of the car. Being a...