Carritos de Comida

Food Cart

Lacquered red stainless steel pop corn machine, with a performance rate of 5kg/hour of pop corn (in 2 minutes cicles). Power 1350w to 220w and a dimensions of 95x48x156 cm, with a glass door. The cart is ideal for its professional use in parties, fairs or events.
Carrito de Algodón Dulce


Cotton candy machine with cart and a tough methacrylate dome. Pink lacquered stainless steel cotton candy machine, with the following dimensions: 98 x 54 x 125 cm. It has a stainless steel tank of 52 cm diameter to make cotton candy up to 30 cm diameter.
The lacquered red stainless steel popcorn machine, has a production rate of 5 kg per hour in 2 minutes cycle. It has a power of 1350w to 220w and the dimensions are 95x18,89x156 inches, and it includes a glass door. It can be placed over any surface.